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Next to Kevin Callan who are your fave content creators
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Author:  joshmanicus [ August 10th, 2019, 11:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Next to Kevin Callan who are your fave content creators

solotwaterrunner wrote:
CampingChristina gets'er done for sure. One tough gal.

Oh yeah, totally forgot about her. My wife and I like to sit and watch her videos.

Author:  Stajanleafs [ September 4th, 2019, 11:54 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Next to Kevin Callan who are your fave content creators

Wow! Some nice comments on here! :o
I don't watch a lot of YT, if I do, it will usually be in hardwater season when I'm itching to get outside. Last February on particularly cold day, Leah and I fried up the last of our walleye and sat around the fireplace watching our fav channels. The adventure, quality and commentary are all great on the following:

Jim Baird Adventurer
Backcountry Angling Ontario
Northern Scavenger
David Hartman

I've tripped with a few of them and our tripping styles (and by extension, video content) jive.

InSeasonStudios is great as it's all local routes (Timmins area) - though I skim more to get an idea of what the route will be like when I'm planning.

If I don't have to 'skim' it's a win. Echoing what a few others said, short clips, with a good pace to keep the story flowing. I'll mainly watch for some trip planning or hardwater season inspiration etc. also, if the route has the 'cool' factor. I'm a big sucker for lesser traveled routes, and that's what I readily digest. That's just me personally, and as JK said, you can't please everyone. My goals with video production have always been twofold:

1. Make a great lasting memory for myself and tripmates (editing is an extension of the trip for me as I get to relive it through the creative process).
2. Inspire others to get out there and paddle the route for themselves. The more paddlers, the better - especially on 'lost' routes!

YT can be a wild west for creators. Plenty of opinions and lots of trolls. so long as I achive 1 & 2 with some degree of success, I am satisfied. YT is also an interesting way to watch the progress and skill development of a paddler. I'm reminded of this when a decade old video of mine resurfaces from time to time....

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