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Taking discussions off-forum
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Author:  CCR Moderators [ February 13th, 2008, 8:37 am ]
Post subject:  Taking discussions off-forum

These forums are here so that all can benefit from shared information. Don't post a question and ask that people email you with a response. The information shared in your post will probably be useful to someone else; and having it posted on the forums means that it will be archived for others to use and be able to refer back to, should the subject come up again at a later date.

Also, offering to share information by way of email or private message circumvents the livelihood of the message board. Others may be interested in the same subject and become frustrated to find no information being posted for all to share. Others may just enjoy reading about different subjects for the sake of learning about things or areas they haven't experienced.

If all of the responses to questions become "pm me", the board becomes not a community, but a closed society.

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