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Just got back from the Spanish River...
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Author:  oc3 [ June 28th, 2005, 10:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Just got back from the Spanish River...

Hi folks,

We just returned back (yesterday) from a 5 day trip along the Spanish River (West Branch - Sinker Creek to Agnew Lake) and it was awesome!!!

Out of curiosity does anyone know what the flow was from Thursday to Monday? I would like to make note for reference purposes so I am able to put the flow into context - Thanks!

I have posted some of our pictures on my website - as they roll in I will continue to post and update (I think we have approximately a 100 or so posted right now)...

As for the trip it was everything we thought it would be as it was our first time down the Spanish. I thought the water levels and flow were great that said the next time I would jump in a Pogamising (this is where I thought the best water was found) - the Cedar Rapids were the most memorable - nice and long required some maneuvers and the standing waves were hitting my bow paddler square in the shoulders as we crashed through them....

The train was very cool... however the posted schedule appears to be a suggestion - it was 40 minutes late into Phalens corners and constantly delayed heading up to Sinker due to track repairs/construction. Couple that with a stiff southerly head wind put us behind schedule the first day - allowing us to paddle only 12 of our planned 24 Kms.

Day 2 was another tough slug fest as we not only had head winds gusting to what felt like 40 to 50 Kms (it was all we could do to not to get blown backwards) but had to make up for our missed KMs from the day before - approx. 40 Kms later we were back on track hitting cliff rapids @ approximately 4:30Pm.

Day 3 was a great day - heaps of swifts, rapids and current with no head wind - we paddled 45 Kms and stayed 2 sites past the Cedar rapids. Arrived at approximately 5:00PM.

Day 4 was a very relaxed day - we paddled approximately 22 Km in 4 hours of leisurely paddling we thoroughly enjoyed the current setting up camp at the very last campsite just outside of Agnew Lake.

Day 5 was reach Agnew lake lodge by 9:00AM and were having a "grease fix" in Webwood @ 10:30AM (Cheese burgers and Poutine :D :D )

- The Chrismar Map is quite outdated from a campsite point of view - there are many more sites than was is posted on the current version (which is a real pain when planning your trip)

- The leech population appears to be thriving - every time we were in the water someone had a leech to remove (I had the mac daddy - 5 incher on the back of my right calf :o :o :o )

- The park, water, scenery is beautiful - however good campsites appear to be far and few in between (Cliff Rapids and the site marked for old growth forest viewing - are probably the best that we saw)

- Very few of the rapids between Sinker Creek and the forks are safely run able - would not go back into at Sinker would enter further south

- The 125Km itinerary (in 4 1/2 / 5 days) was too aggressive - obviously doable but you are humming along. That said it provides you with some insight and/or confirms what you are capable of accomplishing

- In the heat of the summer months be on the water early (we are up @ 4:30) on the water by 6:30AM off the water from 12:00PM to 2:00PM back on the water from 2: to approximately 5:00PM (avoiding the peak sun - it was brutally HOT)

- Sundog Outfitters did a great job with the boat rentals, shuttles and train bookings (very nice and very knowledgeable people) - I would highly recommend them

If anyone has any specific questions/comments about the section we ran let me know would be more than happy to share whatever information I can while it is still fresh...

Take Care,


Author:  multidimensional [ June 28th, 2005, 11:59 pm ]
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Hey John,

Beautiful pictures...that movie was especially vivid! Definitely had a laugh over the IBM mug! What kind of camera did you shoot the pictures with?
I'd been planning to do the Spanish for a while but a back injury has put a stopper in my plans...a few more weeks and I might head up there! I was just wondering if you could tell me how much the train fare was and how long the ride took. Any other helpful tips would also be appreciated.
happy paddling,

Author:  oc3 [ July 5th, 2005, 5:40 pm ]
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Hi Bryan,

My apologies for the delayed response...

As for the cameras that we used to take the picture there were 2 - a Nikon CoolPIX 4300 those picture names start with a DSCN#### (that is my camera) and the other pictures whereby the names start with a Picture ### was taken with a Canon Powershot G6 (I think).

Train fare was 16.05 per person from Phalens Corners to Sinker Creek and the canoes we $20 each plus tax. As for the duration of ride - in reality it should take less than 1.5 hours however due to late arrival and heaps of construction we were pushing 2.0+ hours.

Kind regards,


Author:  multidimensional [ July 8th, 2005, 7:24 pm ]
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Thanks a bunch John!
Happy Paddling

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