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PostPosted: September 1st, 2006, 11:05 pm 

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What a great trip, and park...

Click on the link here or at the end of the report for the pictures, clicking on the thumbnail will enlarge each pic.

We arrived in the town of Killarney at 6pm on 22nd Aug. we headed straight for the freshly caught fish and chips at the dock, a great way to start our trip.. it's been a few years since the last time I had eaten from here and my mouth has been watering ever since we booked our trip in the park.
We tried to get a campsite at George Lake camp ground but was fully booked, so we decided to find a flat area along Bell Lake road for our first night. While driving along this road we saw 3 coyotes

23rd August, we arrived at Bell lake and made some oatmeal and coffee at the lake edge. and after clean up we were starting our trip around 10.30am and headed for David Lake, as we entered David Lake, after the 200m portage we saw a cow moose across the lake. We spent our second night at campsite #102, this was a great site, even the cottage wasn't too much of an eyesore.
we set up camp, and hung our food, had a coffee, and set of for the hike up Silver peak, we started our climb at the 565 portage just past campsite #104. The hike up is well worth it the view was spectacular, would of liked a little more time at the summit but the sun was getting low and was setting during our descent, (as you can see in the pictures from the link.)
during our paddle back to camp, we were informed that a bear was spotted between our campsite and site #103, we saw no sign of it though at camp.
we cooked chilli for supper, and had a coffee around the fire, a very full and gratifying day.

24th Aug. I was up at the crack of dawn as I normally always am when tripping, (i love this part of the day). I was greated by a great sunrise, and the sound of Loons is always pleasing to my ears, I could never get tired from them.
As we where leaving David Lake we spotted another cow moose, in the distance.
The 2945m portage into Great Mountain Lake was planned to be the main focus for the day. this portage was difficult but wasn't as hard as we expected. There was three large pines down, which we crawled under with our packs, (somebody decided it was time to have a washroom break and left a nice pile of their waste and toilet paper on the edge of the trail right by one of the down pines, what is wrong with some people? atleast go off the trail.) When we carried the canoes decided to paddle around the pines in one of the Beaver ponds.
Great Mountain is a beautiful lake, we stayed at campsite #158 another great site. Chicken stew was on the menu tonight.

25th Aug. was our longest day of travel. Apart from the two 950m, 35m, 75m, 45m, 130m portages, there was two large Beaver dams to lift over. This creek though was a very pleasing paddle with times paddling against some large granite rock faces. It's always pleasing to be at eye level with nature.
our plan was to paddle Three Narrows and stop at the first site from #50, we stayed at site # 47, this site was ok but was the worst site that we stayed on through out our trip. Three Narrows again was a very beautiful lake, with Granite rock mountains on one side and Quartzite mountains on the other.
the reason we headed this far down Three Narrows was in preperation for THE PIG.
Tonight we had chicken alfredo for supper.

26th Aug. A quick paddle to the pig! at the bottom there is a vehicle, Dan, the person in the picture with this vehicle was very excited about this trip as his father and friends had a hunting camp on Three Narrows 40 years ago, they used to pull their boat in and out with a vehicle similar to this, when they got evicted out of the park they left the vehicle behind, he is going to show this picture to the few surviving members of the group, to see if it is the same vehicle.
Well no need to put the climb off, any longer. A steady climb up to the top, we put down the canoes once we reached the top, for a rest, not sure what was left to look forward too, I wanted to make sure the rest of our party knew that we had to keep right for Baie Fine, the first of us set off down the slope while I waited for the others to catch up, once they reached the top, I was on my way. To my surprise when I reached the bottom at Baie Fine I was the first to arrive, what happened to our buddy who set off first? I put my canoe down and decided to walk back up. I found that he turned right too early and carried his canoe to Topaz Lake. We had a good laugh about it and spent some time at Topaz, another stunning lake with Quatzite Mountains around a deep blue clear lake. well worth the side trip, but was tough enough without the canoe!
When we all reached the bottom we were pleasently suprised that this portage wasn't as hard as we expected, even though it was difficult, I think that all I heard and read about it, had us expecting it to be tougher.
A short paddle across to campsite # 36, another nice site, beef curry for supper, the only rain that we had which lasted about two hours, was while we cooked and ate supper.

27th Aug. I was up early again, for my paddle, today I spotted a Dear, which we starred one and other down for a good five minutes, the Dear was stomping it's front legs at me, I was the one to back away, in the end.
After breakfast we were on our way, through Artist, Muriel, O.S.A. into Killarney Lake. We camped on site # 21 again a great site, but with a bit more traffic, which we expected.
O.S.A. Lake I think was the most stunning of all the lakes we visted, with the mountains and blue clear water,
Supper was a garlic pasta with vegitables and pepperates.

28th Aug. was our final day and we set out for George Lake, even though it was our last day and a busy part of the park, it was still very pretty and enjoyable paddle.
One member of our party lives is Sudbury, so he left his vehicle at George Lake and shuttled me up to my vehicle at Bell Lake.

This was a very nice and enjoyable trip, and I will not hesitate to recommend this park to any one.
I was awear of cottages in the park but dissapointed on how many there was, even though we saw very few people, and saw nobody for more then a 24 hour period, which was nice. (from halfway of the 2945 portage into Great Mountain, untill we reached Three Narrows.)

I was though very dissapointed on the amount of garbage we found at every campsite and along the portages, we did pick it up and packed it out with us. I just wounder why people visit places of beauty, because it is so beautiful and want to ruin it by dropping garbage where ever they go!!!!!!!!!!

Can't wait for my next trip, which is in three weeks time in Algonquin, putting in at Kiosk first night on Waterclear, then onto Cauchon, and the last night on Mink, this will be my first solo trip.

Portaging is like banging your head against a wall... it feels GREAT when it's over

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PostPosted: September 2nd, 2006, 8:48 am 
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great trip - thanks. I am off to Killarney in a few weeks, and looking forward to my first time on OSA. Is Muriel as nice/better/different?

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PostPosted: September 2nd, 2006, 1:25 pm 

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Muriel, is again a beautiful lake, we were commenting on it when we paddled through it, at how nice it was, but is different from O.S.A.
the water although very nice was not as clear, or blue. and the rock was mainly Granite,.
You will enjoy both these lakes.
Have a great and safe trip.

Portaging is like banging your head against a wall... it feels GREAT when it's over

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