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RESEARCH REQUEST Paddlers & campers Experimental Lakes Area
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Author:  coreyp [ September 17th, 2018, 1:30 pm ]
Post subject:  RESEARCH REQUEST Paddlers & campers Experimental Lakes Area

Hello all,

I am currently in the research process for my Master's thesis (MA in Geography) and require some help finding participants as well as ideal camping areas in my research site. I am studying the environmental and place-based values of groups in the Experimental Lakes Area of northwestern Ontario, Canada. One of the groups I am focusing on is the outdoor recreationists of the area. However, while I have read about and heard that the region is fantastic for a variety of camping endeavors, I am having trouble finding more than a handful of recent examples. Due to the scope and rationale behind my research process, I am looking only for people that have formed an attachment to the area through an experience. Essentially, if you value a space or specific place in or near the ELA due to its physical characteristics or an emotional experience there then I would like to talk to you to learn what influenced those meanings. Stories of the region are especially important for my research, both good AND bad experiences.

I understand that this area is not in Manitoba essentially, but from I have heard, Manitobans and Winnipeggers use the area much more frequently than Ontarians. Also, I have already posted in that forum.

Bear in mind that this does not mean any comment or message to me is used for my research, this is simply just a brainstorming exercise and outreach request. If you or anyone you know has camped in the ELA, please feel free to message me and tell the story! It is an important place and learning the different values and comparisons between each group could greatly benefit all those involved.

I am also looking for good canoe routes in the area. Any level of difficulty.

If you have not been to the region but know of some resources, please share those as well. Any information will be appreciated.


Author:  yarnellboat [ September 18th, 2018, 11:43 am ]
Post subject:  Re: RESEARCH REQUEST Paddlers & campers Experimental Lakes A


I've been looking at maps of this area and found a few more published "canoe routes". I'll post them in your other thread since it's had a few responses. (I think most users here may search the forum by active topics, and don't pay too much attention to whether something is posted in Manitoba or Ontario etc.).

Also, a better for approach for this area might be to ask "what isn't a canoe route?". It's not like there are fixed/standard routes, the whole area is a canoe route!, depending on where people want to go, how long they have, and what risk they want to take or how hard they feel like working.

One of the challenges for you, but benefits to others, is that the land is not administered or maintained by anyone (i.e., you just use a topo, there are no government maps or lodges that publish special maps indicating where campsites and portages are), and therefore the people who use the area are self-sufficient and independent, so not as easy to find.


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