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PostPosted: September 19th, 2019, 3:37 pm 
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Thurs August 29th: 20km, 1 portages: 400M

We woke up to a drizzly start, so after our usual morning routine, we all donned full rain gear. It wasn’t as warm as previous days, but the wind was still blowing hard. We pushed off heading south into a headwind across the lake. At the end of the lake a short creek was to bring us into the next lake. Unfortunately there were 2 creeks about 100M apart and we started on the wrong one. This one simply meandered off into a never-ending marsh. Eventually we realized the mistake and backtracked to the right one. This creek was much shorter, and after a small beaver dam lift over brought us into a small lake where we surprised and upset a family of loons.


At the bottom of this lake would be our first portage in a while. The shortest distance was a 300 meter straight line through a small pond. We explored the takeout and found it was a steep climb to start, and tough walking through scrub and fallen spruce piled high at the top. We backtracked and decided to track through a swamp that would add another 100 meters or so, but was much clearer walking. We stayed on the edge of the swamp, where we could pick a fairly dry line, and after a bit of bush crashing near the end we reached another five kilometer long set of narrow channel like lakes.

By this point we were warmed up from the exertion, so I made the mistake of removing my rain pants that would catch me later. We pushed off into a picturesque channel flanked by high walls. After a half hour or so, the channel narrowed into a small winding creek. The creek was surprisingly navigable, except for a handful of lift overs. It started no more than 2 meters wide, and a foot deep, but picked up slightly more volume towards the end. At the end as it dumped into the next channel like lake we were greeted by howling winds again, which had now swung from the south to prevailing westerly which meant full on headwind. We took a short break for lunch at the mouth of the creek, then broke out fishing gear as I wanted pickerel for dinner, and the channel looked like a good spot.

At a narrow point down the channel I hooked my first nice pickerel, after returning a couple small pike earlier. By the time I had the pickerel safely stowed on the stringer, I had probably been blown back down the channel about half a kilometer. As I again paddled through the narrows another pickerel was on. I again lost half a kilometer while stringing up the pickerel. Satisfied we had ample meat for dinner, I proceeded back through the narrows. Another pickerel hit in the exact same spot, so this time I jammed the nose of the canoe up against the cliff, and packed up the rod as I could no longer see the other canoe as I lost so much ground releasing fish. Shortly after I started paddling again, the wind picked up intensity, followed by a deluge of rain with little warning it was coming. There was certainly nowhere, nor enough time to get my rain pants back on so I got drenched. The deluge blew away within five minutes. Thankfully it wasn’t too cold, so the hard work of paddling into the headwind kept me warm even though my lower half was soaked.

I finally caught up with the guys at the end of the channel where we entered into a small bay at the top end of a large lake (the large lake we would come back to on our last day). We grabbed a rest and snack here on a small beach, and were happy to see small amounts of sun peeking out; though the wind was still howling. It was nice to hear they caught some pickerel as well, including one that was barely bigger than the lure.



After crossing the bay we turned due north into more narrow lakes, which meant at least some respite from the wind. We had to run one small bony rapid between lakes, then carried on north for about 5km.


At the end of the narrow portion, the lakes opened up, but we turned to head northeast which meant we finally had some wind at our backs. At the end of another narrow section we entered our destination, a gorgeous near perfectly round lake about a kilometer in diameter that was nearly all beach shoreline on both sides.


We headed for the east side as the beach was deeper, and it was downwind paddling. When we landed we were on a very scenic narrow strip separating our lake from another small pond. By this point we had quite a bit of sun which prompted another quick swim, then we setup our tent and tarp at the top of the beach tucked in behind a few jack pines for some shelter from the still howling wind.


After everything was setup, I filleted the pickerel and we had an amazing couple of fish sandwiches for dinner.


As it got dark and we had our evening sip as the wind let off a bit, although it clouded back over. When heading out to the water to brush our teeth before bed, we were surprised to see the entire beach had glowing eyes of toads in our headlamps all lined up at the water’s edge. We went to bed hoping the weather would improve, as we knew it was back to the westward travel in the morning.

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PostPosted: September 21st, 2019, 5:32 am 
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Just to let you know someone has read your TR as I see no replies so far.

Thanks for sharing.


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