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Yukon Route Information
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Author:  Allan Jacobs [ May 13th, 2010, 2:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Yukon Route Information

Yukon Route Information

With help from anonymous,erich, Joel Hollis and kayakgoddess, I designed four regions in which to file Route entries. The regions (based on drainage basins to minimise cross-listing) are shown in Marilyn’s map at ... anoeroutes

Except for unprocessed entries in the Trip Reports Forum (below), Route information for Yukon is provided in the Routes section (link given above) and in the Forum threads (links given below). As life permits, the Forum entries will be transferred permanently to the Routes section; thanks for your patience.

Yukon Routes section.
Routes are filed at the link given above, namely ... anoeroutes
Titles of the regions and links to them are given in the next paragraph.

Yukon Forum threads.
Ed notes:
1. To reduce cross-listing, unconventional Routes are filed in the paragraph Lengthy ... below.
2. The limit of 60,000 characters required that I split the Yukon region. One thread describes Routes exclusively on the Yukon River; the other describes Routes partly on a tributary.
3. To reduce the number of posts, I combined the two southernmost regions (Pacific and Liard).
Next come the regions and links to them.
North region. ... 21&t=42082
Yukon region. Yukon River only.
Yukon region. Tributaries and Yukon River.
Pacific region and Liard region. ... 21&t=41223

Yukon Trip Reports folder.
Some members post their trip reports in the TR folder, rather than in the Routes section.
I go through the folder several times each year and post corresponding links in the Forum threads; please note that members may have posted reports since my last scan (the date is given in the folder).

Lengthy Routes.
Ed note: This paragraph is a catch-all for unconventional Routes.

Carcross to Hudson Bay, via Yukon River, Ross River, South Nahanni River, Liard River, Mackenzie River, Pike’s Portage, Hanbury River, Thelon River. Online, Notes, Photos, Video.
Author: Pete Marshall.
Route description: Carcross, Yukon River, Pelly River, Faro, Ross River, continental divide, Moose Ponds and the South Nahanni River, Liard River, Fort Simpson, up Mackenzie River, Great Slave Lake, Pike’s Portage, Artillery Lake, Hanbury River, Thelon River, Baker Lake, Chesterfield Inlet, Hudson Bay.
Title at source: The Trans-Territorial Canoe Expedition.
http:/ ... tage-ii-2/ ... stage-iii/ ... -stage-iv/
This entry was written by Allan Jacobs.

Yukon Resources.
For general information on Yukon and paddling there, go to ... 21&t=27747

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