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Yukon paddling and fishing suggestions
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Author:  Zara Spook [ November 13th, 2019, 10:13 am ]
Post subject:  Yukon paddling and fishing suggestions

I plan to drive to Alaska from Minnesota. While planning my trip I notice that the highway to get to Alaska pretty much follows rivers the entire way which is giving me the idea to bring fishing gear and a canoe or kayak. Looks like there are a lot of possibilities in Yukon.

I’m wondering what sort of fish I’d likely catch, and what boat, if any, would make the most sense. I would not be fishing from a boat, but rather from shore. I’d be fishing with intent to eat whatever I caught. Paddling for the sake of paddling, and to get out of the vehicle and enjoy the outdoors and someplace I have never been. I notice some of the campgrounds along the highway are next to lakes/rivers.

I have a kayak (Current Designs Solstice) and am mostly a flat water paddler. The most demanding waters I have paddled are Lake Superior and I have high respect for those waters. I am much more experienced in a canoe, I have two solo (Kevlar Wenonah Voyageur & toughweave C1W), and have paddled them in Lake Superior also. Although I have paddled the small river rapids in my area I suspect they are nowhere near what I’d encounter in your area and would avoid those situations. The kayak is much more secure in transport than either of my canoes which is a consideration on a trip of that length. In the end I may not bring either, two years ago I went to BC and had the same dilemma but in the end did not bring a boat but only wished I had my kayak once. I suspect having never been to Alaska or Yukon I will find plenty of other things to do, but the chance to paddle one of my boats there is something I have to consider.

Any info of places to paddle along the highway, fishing, wisdom of whether to bring a boat or not is appreciated.
BTW, I haven't looked into boat inspections along the way yet, which can be a significant consideration.

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