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Older trippers - How to get out there and enjoy it.
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Author:  littleredcanoe [ November 30th, 2017, 9:10 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Older trippers - How to get out there and enjoy it.

Its quite possible to jam 10 days of food gear and water into a 16 foot craft. Been doing that since 2005 in the Everglades. I or we always do loop trips be it out of Flamingo or Everglades City. This year may be a challenge due to the changed beaches and islands. I expect that where we always could land with the appropriate tide will be quite different. For that reason we are not looking forward to but anticipating the dreaded Everglades portages. You run out of water long before shore and have to unload and pick up your craft and carry it to the campsite. I'll be taking my 23 lb RapidFire.. It does OK even when quite overloaded ( I carry the water...aargh)
The RapidFire is a solo. Other solos I have used on the Gulf ( I get tired of the inside route unless its way inside off the Wilderness Waterway) are the Hemlock Peregrine and the Colden Nomad All 15 foot long solo boats.

Haven't done the Glades in a tandem yet. We have a couple of 18 footers that might be a little tight for Charley Creek ( which I adore)

I think this year will be a special challenge . Most of the chickees north of Broad River are closed. Seems staff havent been able to get to them to fix anything needing repair and MS Stinky ( the honey pot boat) has to empty the porta potties. We might take a marine toilet. Now that might require extra room. All the island portalets went out to sea. Beware the floating blue object.

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