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Author:  John Leonard [ April 27th, 2003, 9:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Thunderbox / Privy Plans

Does anyone have plans or dimensions for a Thunderbox/Privy. I plan to do some route maintenance on my favourite route and install one at a good site that is missing one. After reading the editorial I also wouldn't mind getting an update on portage and campsite sign regulations or standardization.

Author:  Richard [ April 28th, 2003, 5:15 am ]
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I do .... somewhere in my files. I'll do some digging and try to find the drawing and get back to you

Author:  John Leonard [ April 28th, 2003, 3:02 pm ]
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I built one this afternoon with some scrap wood. It is about 24" wide, 20" deep and 16" high with a hinged lid and 8"x10" opening. I built the four walls and seat -hinged lid and just have to assemble it on site. It turned out pretty good. :D
I still wouldn't mind seeing those plans if you can find them

Author:  shiellb [ April 29th, 2003, 12:26 pm ]
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Talking of thunderboxes reminded me of a plastic portable toilet I saw in Canadian Tire a couple of weeks ago. It has a small holding tank. The lack of facilities keeps my wife from joining me a longer trips (3 days and longer). Has anyone used or had experience with them?

Author:  John Leonard [ April 29th, 2003, 6:14 pm ]
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shiellb wrote:
Talking of thunderboxes reminded me of a plastic portable toilet I saw in Canadian Tire a couple of weeks ago. It has a small holding tank. The lack of facilities keeps my wife from joining me a longer trips (3 days and longer). Has anyone used or had experience with them?

My co-worker suggested one of those portable toilets but I don't want something that I bring along. I have a campsite on my favourite route that I plan to assemble the thing and leave it there. I think I will write down the plans that I sort of came up with and make a materials list in case anyone is interested. Anyone interested? Free of charge of course. Still wouldn't mind if anyone has plans so I can compare notes. I have a picture that I took in Algonquin of a privy box and will probably take a picture of this one. At a different site in Algonquin we came across a privy box with a cushioned toilet seat and a good supply of tabloid papers for reading. Talk about luxury. Maybe that could convince your wife. I should of took a picture of that one as well.

Author:  Guest [ April 29th, 2003, 11:47 pm ]
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How about an old 5 gallon bucket? Cut a hole in the bottom to suit and turn it upside down. You could carry several nested.


Author:  MyOwnGear [ April 30th, 2003, 12:48 am ]
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I heard the soldiers in Iraq took a small folding chair and cut a hole in it. One might want to replace the material with a more washable stain resistent fabric, like nagahide (sp?).

Author:  Guest [ April 30th, 2003, 8:09 pm ]
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I like the idea of 5 gal. pails (20 litres for some). Stackability is a plus and they would weather outside quite well. The only thing is a seat might have to be fashioned for comfort and do you have to bring them out of the bush to dispose of them unlike wood that can be burned or left to rot away organic style? The hole would also have to be smaller so usage might have to be limited or be moved often. A chair sounds ok too but might be expensive to purchase then cut a hole in it and then leave it in the bush especially if I wanted to make a few to distribute along routes. Besides, I would like to install this privy and others to enhance and limit impact to campsites and for the enjoyment and use of all who follow this route and others. Great ideas though. Keep them coming. I would also like to hear more about trail signs and standardization of them. Does anyone have ideas about that.

Author:  Al Baars [ April 30th, 2003, 8:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Thunderbox Plans

Hello Richard.

Did you find the Thunderbox Plans that I think it was Mike S. or Scott P. had obtained from the MNR. ?

I need to build a box soon and sure would like to see the plans again.

Author:  John Leonard [ April 30th, 2003, 8:32 pm ]
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Sorry... it was me back there as "guest"...I forgot to sign in. Does anyone know what the "STICKY" means on forum activities. Are the clocks on this sight at a different time zone. My clock says 9:32 , does day light savings time have something to do with it?

Author:  Georgi [ April 30th, 2003, 8:43 pm ]
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Okay , I found mine!

It's labeled " Algonquin Park , Open Box Earth Pit Privy"

and I have an "Upright, Earth Pit Privy" as well.

The only thing is that, it's on paper and it's oversized! 11 by 17"!!

There's a material list and all, I'll have to see what I can do about photocopying them or scanning them.

Once done, what then? Send to Richard to be able to link to them ( assuming I can get them scanned to .pdf or something?)

Let me know, Richard?

Author:  Barbara [ April 30th, 2003, 8:57 pm ]
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A "sticky" is a message that is a step below an "announcement". Both are there for everyone to read.

All this talk about privy boxes and not one bit of bathroom humour!


Author:  Tripper [ April 30th, 2003, 9:39 pm ]
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Barbara wrote:
All this talk about privy boxes and not one bit of bathroom humour!

I camped at a site on Rock Lake, Algonquin in June with five adults and four kids. It was located near the tennis courts of an old abandoned cottage. We never seen another person the entire trip. We had good fishing and great privacy.

Time goes by in the same year returning to the same site only a few months later.......................

I woke up one crisp October morning around 6am with using the Thunderbox as my only concern. I found the box, dropped my pants and settled into a state of comfort only found when shatting in the woods on a level platform.

After about a minute or so I was amazed to watch six elderly female hikers stare at me as they walked past my chosen dump site on a trail no less than 8 feet away from me.

With TP in hand I nervously waved and said "Good-Morning". The hikers looked at me sheepishly and replied "Good-Morning" while quickly slipping into the woods.

I now check for pathways near any dumper I use on a trip.


Author:  Georgi [ April 30th, 2003, 9:40 pm ]
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Why would we talk about "!" like that?

Men take this poop stuff seriously....there's no comfort like a guy having his first cup of coffee and heading to the hills to see the sunrise!, and know ain't no one going to bug him now.....

well, now seeing the tripper post, ....unless your next to the pathway!

Author:  John Leonard [ April 30th, 2003, 9:45 pm ]
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I had a similar situation as Tripper in Algonquin only the hikers were a family of almost a dozen ruffed grouse. They walked around me on both sides and I sat motionless until they passed. I think they gave me a wide berth because of the expressions on my face or the stink from the box.

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