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PostPosted: July 22nd, 2017, 9:02 am 

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I too had a tough time choosing a composite river tripper
my previous boat had aluminum gunnels, they held up to lots of abuse but on one trip when my son and I swam the canoe went solo through some class 3maybe 4 and bent a rail about a foot inside , was able to pull it back to very close shape and continued to use it for many more trips. My thoughts on aluminum are that I like the compromise you get with them #1 maintenance free #2 replaceable #3 pretty darn tough #4 and 5 are light weight and appearance.
The canoe I ended up choosing was a souris river prospector 16' I asked for another layer of kevlar for ww use. so far only been on the lake, as far as prospector's go I love this one for its shape and handling. But that may be just the fact that its composite and the weight savings play in too all aspects of the feel on the water, my first boat was royal lite so that is what I'm use too.
I might have got caught up on the hype of epoxy resin as being way tougher than the other stuff , time will tell I guess. Anyhow I eliminated a lot of boats off my list for that reason alone, than I got concerned about a foam sheet sandwiched between the lay up for repair reasons . A few more off the list.
As far as hull design Im pretty sure I chose the best one for my needs , although the echo starlight or nova craft moise might have been better.
Im sorry I probably didn't t help much, I had a discussion going about this in the boat design / construction forum that I enjoyed .

PostPosted: July 22nd, 2017, 5:04 pm 

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The Complete Paddler in Toronto had an Echo Starlight last year when I was boat shopping and I see them on their site this year..
The Employee I talked to torture tested it ( as I could see from the scratches ) and I found they were good people to deal with.
You can test paddle any boats they have.
I also think Canoe Roots Magazine did a review.
Happy Paddling.

PostPosted: July 25th, 2017, 10:40 am 
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I'd like to thank everyone who commented for taking the time to help educate me. The dialog has helped me come to terms with a choice because there is so many of them. There are conflicting opinions as seen by the ways the different builders put their boats together and only time will tell if I am going to be truly happy with my decision. The idea of taking the weight saved by not applying gel coat and using it to apply another layer of cloth connects with my view of things. Seat connections and gunnels though important didn't turn out to be be deal breakers for me.

I've laid the money down for a Echo Starlight with wood gunnels. I realize that I'm taking path less traveled and creating more work for myself both on the water (correction strokes on flat water) and off the water (bi-annually oiling of wood) with this decision but I'm sure I'll be happier with the reduced work load when I only have 55 lbs on my shoulder for those portages. I think part of my decision to go with a boat this much rocker was the desire to spend more time getting out and just having some play days in the rapids..... most likely with Step sons, son-in-law and grandson.... and granddaughter if I get one. I figure the gunnels are the thing I'll be touching a lot and wood just give a bit of soul to the boat.... not as important on play days but when escaping and going tripping.

My wife and I did take a Starlight for a test paddle at Sunnyside Beach TO and liked the feel of the boat. Oh how it can turn :-) . There was a breeze that day so I have a good idea of what I'll be in for in open water. The boat won't be ready for our trip down the Missinaibi next month but the Complete Paddler is giving us a river boat from their rental stock for the trip.

I look forward to providing you with input about the Starlight once I get to know the boat.

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