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dehydrated beans for chili?
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Author:  Tommy [ July 4th, 2001, 5:42 am ]
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Since Kidney beans become powder when dehydrated, what sort of beans are a suitable substitute for dehydrating chili?

Author:  Bob Wood [ July 4th, 2001, 12:49 pm ]
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I use both kidney and black beans (and sometimes chick peas) in my dehydrated chili with good results. They are quite brittle and many do break in half but do not turn to powder as you say yours do. When rehydrated, they resemble beans again. My food dehydrator is just an inexpensive Mr. Coffee with no temperature or fan settings and they take about 10 to 12 hrs. to dry completely.

Author:  Tommy [ July 4th, 2001, 3:23 pm ]
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Bob, do you use canned kidney beans or cook them and then dry them?

Author:  Bob Wood [ July 5th, 2001, 7:24 am ]
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Hello Tom,
I just use canned kidney and black beans, (usually Unico brand). Just rinse and drain in a colander before drying. They don't look very appetizing when dried but after rehydrating for 30 min. and simmering for about another half hr. they look and taste just fine after a long day paddling.
Good Luck.

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