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Matcha Instant Green Tea
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Author:  carcassonne [ October 14th, 2009, 6:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Matcha Instant Green Tea

Battenkiller wrote:
I have been interested in Japanese tea ceremony (chanoyu) for a great many years. Like Native American sweat lodge ceremony, it seems a bit pretentious to get involved with these highly ethnic practices on your own, but I have never once been invited to participate in chanoyu, so the best I can do is to acquire the utensils (I'll have to pass on the $800 matcha bowl for now) and some high quality matcha powder that I can trust is fresh.

I do not care much about that and the cult that goes around this practice. At one point in time, a few hundreds years ago, a Japanese guy found the chanoyu terribly retard with the cult of the tea accesories and all that, and started the sencha, a simple way of drinking tea. Unfortunately after his death 'followers' started to make another cult about him, even though he destroyed all tea accesories to show that they do not matter.

I do like matcha, though, and although I've never tasted some expensive one, the house matcha from Hibiki-an is good and not too expensive. To brew thin usucha matcha, not the thick koicha. It has a sweet taste, at least compared with the food grade matcha I bought at a Asian/Canadian tea store this summer. I will try some offered by Yuuki-cha next time around, as it is somewhat of a lower price although organic.

I use a small bowl, nothing fancy, that I got in some gift shop. In fact I started with a small Ikea bowl. As long as the brew is not splattered all around when whisking.

I don't see why it wouldn't be OK when tripping. Chasen are sold in plastic containers that can be secured with rubber bands. I always carry mine like that to work. A whisk keeper is a good investement as it's handy to keep the bamboo in good shape, although for tripping a cheaper, Chinese one could be OK.

Let me know how you liked the teas once you taste them.

Author:  carcassonne [ November 14th, 2009, 8:52 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Matcha Instant Green Tea

Not that I care much about this, but it seems there's a concensus out there that says roughly:

"Viruses have ‘hooks’ on their surfaces and can attach to cell walls. The catechin in green tea prevents viruses from adhering and causing harm. "

That wouldn't be the insipid green tea that's sold at supermarkets (regualr or organic), though, but fresh green tea. And I'd presume in a form in which all of the leaves are ingested and not only the brew. So that'd be matcha. Or for that matter other powdered green tea such as powdered sencha.

Their two cents.

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