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Author:  cocteau [ August 24th, 2001, 12:50 am ]
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just tested our super large 14 " dutch oven and posted some great bread and cinnamon roll results.
Tips-everyone that says 2/3 heat on top and 1/3 bottom is right. Avoid centre heat on bottom. 45 minutes uninterupted (you must trust the oven luke) for breads using yeast. yeast is worth its weight in gold, always leave an hour or more so the dough can rise with the yeast then cook,

We took a luxury with us, 16 lava rock coals for a propane bbq. They weigh about 2 pounds but the even heat they create is excellent. We used 12 at a time and kept 4 heating in the fire and rotated the coals placing all 12 on top and using fire coals on the bottom and wow, having fresh whole wheat bread in the morning was fantastic. Finding the lava rock coals in the fire the next morning could be challenging though but well worth it.

Any one else have any tips

Author:  Georgi [ August 24th, 2001, 7:35 am ]
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Bring Butter! :grin:

I could only see that such a prize would be devoured while still warm!, reminding me of the days of youth when my grandfather would whip up a couple loaves.

One for tomorrow and one for now.

Just a thought!

What if you brought charcoal in with you instead of the lava rocks. You then have a heat source that will not need to be fished out of the fire ring.


Author:  cocteau [ August 24th, 2001, 8:57 am ]
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The point of the lava is that they are reusuable, you just throw em in a bag and use them again. The charcoals last once and to do the amount of baking we tried the space in charcoal would be too much. If I was just paddling to my site and staying there a few days I would do it, but not on the Missinaibi.

Author:  MarkW [ August 28th, 2001, 11:40 am ]
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I've never tried the Dutch Oven and I'm dying to give it a go. Will be heading north for a week in September and plan to try it out.

Can anyone post some easy recipes or tips for a first time dutch ovener?

I agree with Georgi....fresh baked bread and! I like the BBQ lava rock idea as well.

Mark Williams

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