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Royalex Nova Craft Cronje for sale
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Author:  Mike McCrea [ July 14th, 2019, 3:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Royalex Nova Craft Cronje for sale

Little used, in excellent condition inside and out. In the RX version measured at 16’ 8” long, 34 ½” wide, 12 ½” deep. Aluminum gunwales with laced seats. 73 Lbs fully outfitting hanging on the calibrated shop scale

All the usual shop outfitting tripper stuff:

Skid plates with G/flex and graphite powder
Deep sculpted double hung yoke
Webbing tie down loops on machine screw ends
Northwater double D-rings
Bow utility platform with bungees, compass hooks and Scotty rod base
Mid-sized Spirit Sail
Pad eyes for (not included) Surf-to-Summit back bands. I do have some other seat backs I’d throw in.
Minicel knee bumpers and heel pads
Webbing keeper straps and Ridgerest seat pads for anti waffle-butt comfort
Adjustable Wenonah stern foot brace
Adjustable bow-seat-backwards foot brace. Yes, it has two foot braces. The bow seat is 6 feet from the end. Equipped with an extra wide bow seat that makes for a good backwards solo location. The foot braces can be positioned under thwart/yoke for uninterrupted storage space in either orientation.
Full spray cover, with skirts and tunnels. Designed so the bowman’s tunnel is hop-out with painter ready in hand still-skirted detachable. Or left off entirely to get some sun on those gams.

Paddled bow backwards, using just the stern spray skirt attached forward, makes a handy repository for paddles, map case and etc, and keeps your cooler chest, Snickers bars and pale ankles out of the sun.

I appreciate the multi-functionality of the Cronje outfitted in that manner, especially the solo/tandem possibilities, but we just don’t paddle it enough.

Cronje Photos: ... 9640675312

$1350 USD
Calculated at 66% of the (2008) canoe MSRP, 33% of the accessories and outfitting.

Author:  Mike McCrea [ July 28th, 2019, 3:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Royalex Nova Craft Cronje for sale

Cronje Price Reduction - $1200 outfitted with spray cover and sail

I soooo do not want to deal with Craigslist. Reduced to $1200 for someone on the board who has need of a spray skirted, solo/tandem, sailing tripper. A new, un-outfiitted Cronje runs $2939 in TuffStuff, $3219 in TuffStuff Expedition.

Like so, outfitted in Royalex:

ImageP7140009 by Mike McCrea, on Flickr

ImageP7140007 by Mike McCrea, on Flickr

ImageP7140018 by Mike McCrea, on Flickr

Open, un-skirted bow cockpit in tandem paddling guise.

ImageP7140020 by Mike McCrea, on Flickr

And in bow backwards solo guise, with the “stern” cover left in place to provide paddle keeps, map case clips and shaded gear storage.

ImageP7140024 by Mike McCrea, on Flickr

I appreciate that bow-only cover when solo, so I can quickly unload one uncovered end of the canoe at awkward or wave-swept landings, and then deal with unloading the (half as weighty) spray covered bow after I have pulled the hull ashore to safer unloading locales.

Dang, I am growing fonder of that canoe more all the time. And it is the last solo/tandem capable canoe we have on the racks.

Author:  elGuapo [ July 28th, 2019, 11:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Royalex Nova Craft Cronje for sale

What a well thought out boat! If I lived 3000 km closer... If anyone is headed up the Alaska Highway from that area with room I'll buy you a tank of fuel if you could pick up and deliver this hitchhiker!

Author:  solotwaterrunner [ July 29th, 2019, 9:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Royalex Nova Craft Cronje for sale

Wow that's a Gary and Joanie McGuffin lay out. Pretty sweet.

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