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super duper cranium touque?
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Author:  Georgi [ January 29th, 2003, 1:07 pm ]
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Yes, same reasoning applies for this, I need something new....

I have a fair size sputnick ( Heed!) and it seems every time I wear a touque the thing rides up past my ears as I do anything.

Looking for the Big Head version of touque; any helpfull pointers ( besides spruce gum and some "Watape"! or duct tape...) would be appreciated.


Author:  Richard [ January 29th, 2003, 1:22 pm ]
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Being saddled with a similar sized head, I can sympathize with your popping-off-touque problem.

Forget the touqe and go with something that ties up or buckles under the chin. I have a nylon, fake-fur lined creation that makes me look like a conscript to the Russian army. At least it stays on.

For the ultimate in warmth comfort, I wear a fur hat that gives me the appearance of someone who has had their head swallowed by a large fur-bearing creature :wink:

There are some decent fleece hats with ear flaps that tie under the chin too. Only problem with fleece is the wind goes straight through it.

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Author:  smokey [ January 29th, 2003, 5:47 pm ]
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Well Georgi, I may just have the hat for you. I've had a few custom jobs made for me as I tend to have my hats ride up as well. I happen to have 1 that is too big for me and it may just fit the bill for you. I'll dig it up for the gathering for ya. Big body and has fur flaps for the ears and can be tied to boot!

Author:  RHaslam [ January 29th, 2003, 7:32 pm ]
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Ya, I've got a big mellon a present at christmas time that solved all my problems...a high tech set of ear muffs, they wrap around the back of my head and they are as warm as toast...I wear a touque too, and it doesn't matter if it rides up..had them out skiing, ice fishing and running, and they're the best thing I've had yet.

Author:  moe f [ January 29th, 2003, 8:13 pm ]
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Georgi ... you wascally wabbit... you'd look great in one of those Elmer Fud hats hhhuuhhhh!!!

Author:  HOOP_ [ January 30th, 2003, 2:41 am ]
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Ah yes: The lifelong search for the perfect winter headgear. Other than the inevitable discussion of the weather around the office water cooler or lunch table, you are guaranteed to have an animated discussion around this topic in any northern wintry culture. Man, do I feel sorry for people that live in sunny warm climates. Must be boring as hell.

Re: touques (and note the true north spelling on this word!). I may have found the "ultimate" "system" (When you use the word "system" it sounds so much more technically cool, for us gear heads!).

Yep, I have a fat head: mostly air and rocks, not much brains. At least a 7 1/2. Here’s what works for me (recently tested in -28 with 50 km winds).

Base layer: open face acrylic belaclava purchased at a workwear store for about $8.00.

Acrylic neck warmer, bought at some ski store for about $6.00.

4-layer, killer, awesome acrylic touque purchased at White Otter Gift Shop, on Hwy 17 running through the town of Ignace. The only place on the planet which I have seen these. No brand name. Cost about $10.00. 4 layers!!! Nice and loose with a soft stretch. Perfect! I bought 2.

When it gets really, really chilly, I add a loose fitting fleece touque on the inside, over the acrylic belaclava, and under the 4-layer acrylic touque. When it is windy, I take off the neck warmer , and put on a neoprene face mask to protect my nose from frostbite. Believe me, you need a neoprene face mask as critical survival gear when in the wind at -15 and colder, unless you are blessed with very good blood circulation physiology in your facial area.

The "system" breathes superbly. (I back-country ski, and pump the moisture: The head system has never got wet).

All of the above system fits loosely on my big fat head. I hate tight head gear. The el cheapo workwear belaclava fits far more loosely than a high-tech brand name version that costs $30.

OK, so you may not be able to travel to Ignace and get the 4-layer touque. I have found that tight knit wool touques worn on the outside of the system break the wind best. The trouble is finding one big enough, since tight knit wool does not stretch. I have never used a shell material for the outer head gear, because I just pull up a parka hood if it gets that bad. When I am skiing, or snowshoeing, I don't want any shell, even at -30 unless it is freakin windy.

I have always wanted the ultimate animal fur head gear, with leather on the outside, fur on the inside. But I have yet to find one that fits me right. Also, most seem to be made of rabbit fur. Rabbit fur does not strike me as being the best insulator. I would think a soft sheepskin, or something like beaver, or fisher might be better. They also need a furry face wrap piece that can be Velcro’d back when not needed. I suppose I will have to get one custom made, as with most critical winter gear.

The search continues...

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