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PostPosted: January 25th, 2016, 10:35 am 
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Sad story, sorry for the loss.
Incredible personal strength for what he was suffering with the 2 days in the tent before calling for help.
(I know the illness by watching someone else suffering with it) ... -trek.html

Even though this is on the super extreme part of winter camping it can serve as a reminder.
Everyone has different tolerances on what they can endure on a trip and many here constantly remind others of being hydrated and avoiding exhaustion.
There has in the past couple of years been a ...... lot of blogs, Facebook pages, movies... by recent new campers to the outdoor scene.
Many seem to ignore basic safety concerns or safety systems.
We have seen some of the results in Ontario with survivalist attempt. ... rness.html

This really isn't an attempt to scare people off.
More of a do some homework and get informed.
There is lots of good info and people out there.

Avoid sites/people who come across as the best thing since sliced bread or refuse to acknowledge other groups.
I know cause I got kicked off a Facebook one for saying people should visit places like Myccr or Winter for information that would best suit their needs.
I wasn't looking to get into an Facebook flare up so there no belittling of any particular post.
This was purely someone wanting to be the "go to expert" :roll:

So I hope everyone still posts and shares their adventures with us.
We are all on a learning curve and any new tips are always welcome.

Choosing to save a river is more often an act of passion than of careful calculation. You make the choice because the river has touched your life in an intimate and irreversible way, because you are unwilling to accept its loss. — (David Bolling, Ho

PostPosted: January 25th, 2016, 12:29 pm 
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Very well said Jeff. I could not agree more.

"It's healthy to be dirty" - Lars Monsen

PostPosted: January 25th, 2016, 2:43 pm 
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Nicely said. We can acknowledge others and yet stay true to our own style.
Read.. think..keep what pertains.. discard what doesn't.

In this case I think there was a deep connection in that his ancestor was skipper of the ship.

PostPosted: January 26th, 2016, 8:25 am 
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Very sad ending to a very inspiring adventure that I had followed out of interest for an adventure of my own (much lesser in scope) that I'm hoping to do. The first thing I wondered was if age could have been a factor in this so sad event.

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