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Pancake Bay and Michigan UP
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Author:  cheryl [ August 6th, 2019, 3:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Pancake Bay and Michigan UP

Kid agreed to come with us on a trip this summer (as if they had a choice), ONLY if it was not backcountry :x and it has to have "beautiful scenery)planning a trip with 2 nights at Pancake Bay P.P. (Kid picked it, so no chance of changing it- have already been to L.S.P.P.) Any recommendations on good tent sites, especially in Hilltop, which seems to be all that is left? All I want it is a good nights sleep or 2 or 3....
We want to do some paddling, but not too far away, any recommendations?
Then headed south to the UP (Upper Peninsula Michigan). Anyone want to comment on where to camp/do/see, given then"beautiful scenery" demand?

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