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PostPosted: November 9th, 2019, 8:14 pm 
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Bluknu wrote:
Thank you littleredcanoe.

I have taken lessons (solo and tandem) and have lots of tripping experience (again both solo and tandem). My concerns are more for the comfort and skill levels of paddling partners with much less experience. Lol. And if I understand what you are saying the actual weight of the canoe will make little to no difference on the stability. Good to know. Being a woman I really hate manhandling a heavier canoe and I am pretty stubborn about being independent. Lol

Thank you again scratchypants. There are a couple of Novacraft models on my list and they are not terribly far from my neck of the woods.

Lots depends on your confidence level. It is contagious. I too am a woman and have paddled some 57 years. Tripping solo for about twenty years. So I do get where you are coming from.

For 21 years I taught Style and FreeStyle canoeing. Extreme heel to the rail. One of the primary contributors to falling in was paddler rigidity and holding ones breath.
So I sometimes started out with beginners merely in the canoe in the water with their eyes closed focusing on their breathing. Its funny how we hold our breaths in times of stress.
Solo FreeStyle is particularly unforgiving for tense holding their breath paddlers. They either go in the water or don't commit to putting the paddle in the water.

Instead of seeking out the perfect boat that will please you both initially maybe consider giving tips that will give your new beginning partner confidence.

For some ( not for my Sister In Law alas) falling in and swimming to shore in a warm water area is a exercise that allays fear. My SIL has however never forgiven me.

It may sound corny but some in canoe yoga poses focusing on breathing helps.

PostPosted: November 10th, 2019, 12:04 am 

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Littleredcanoe, lol.

I am learning Style canoeing and have never fallen in so many times in my life. In fact I had NEVER fallen in before. Lol. That's ok. It has given me lots of practice swimming with the canoe and self rescue which has given me more confidence. AlsoI have very bad knees and am lucky to be able to kneel 20 minutes at a time. I can get my solo decently heeled perched on the edge of the seat and sitting but will likely never quite be gunwale to the water. :doh:

My original tripping partner (husband) passed away and my boyfriend is not comfortable in a canoe. He may never be. Anyway I now find myself introducing new people to the canoeing experience or solo. I know there's no perfect solution but I'm looking for the best one.

My boyfriend says I'm obsessed. Not true. I just love canoeing. :thumbup:

PostPosted: November 11th, 2019, 12:39 pm 
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Canuck Energy wrote:
Really I don't want fibreglass and am too cheap for carbon. I'm looking for that happy medium out doesn't have to be Tformex.

I'm looking for both solo and tandem.

So you have listed both ends of the spectrum Fiber at one end and Crabon / Innegra / Basalt at the other end, so take the one in the middle and go with Kevlar. Still a very good material, tough yet still fairly light and will still give you the wide open range of manufactures to choose from. With all the trimmings, you can still get one new for around $2500, and that is top of the line Kevlar at that price which will still bring you in around the 40 lb mark.

A prospector 15 - 17' (depending on how much gear you take for a big guy) will do the trick. Good paddling design, good stability and more than enough room for one or two.
I am 6'4 and 250, my main ride is an H20 Prospector 16-4'. Awesome solo handling as well.


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PostPosted: February 3rd, 2020, 8:04 pm 

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My 2 cents Swift Algonquin 16 in Kevlar.
Symmetrical, Better Tracking than Prospector with 1” rocker, Forget Keel over rated and better without it in crossing big waves at angles.
Happy Paddling.

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