Canoe Routes

You have the option of browsing through all routes by region, or searching for routes that meet a specific criteria.

Browse Canoe Routes

browse canoe routes
Useful if you want to get a list of all canoe routes in a specific region, then browse through those routes.

For example, if you want to see all routes in Northeastern Ontario or all routes in Southern Alberta, this is the way to go

Search Canoe Routes

search canoe routesDo you want to see all routes in Southern Quebec 5-7 days in length with less than 2500m of portaging? Interested in routes in Killarney Park that can be paddled in 2-3 days?

This is the way to find out exactly which routes meet those criteria


Add a Route

Do you have a canoe or kayak route you'd like to share with fellow CCR users? You can add your route by completing this form: