Bungee Clips

To hold canoe paddles into the canoe while portaging, take some 3/4 or inch doweling (available at lumber yard) and cut off pieces about 4" in length. 

Take bungee cord and (depending on size of thwart) cut a piece 6" to 8" in length. Drill two holes through the doweling (making sure they are in line) and insert the bungee cord.  Tie off the cord with a knot. The size of hole you drill will depend on the size of bungee cord you use. Make sure that the hole isn't too big. 

Now put the paddle under the thwarts and wrap the cord around it. (two are needed for each paddle) Pull the cord over the dowel and there you have it. We also use a smaller version of this to tie up our painters. They can be released with one hand quickly.

John Griffiths