Dishwashing Kit

Try packing your cooking kit into a small plastic wash basin. There's room for soap, a water pump, scouring pads etc and when it's time for Cinderella to do the dishes, there's no temptation to perform the chore directly in the lake or river. 

The gray water can easily be scattered into the bush or used to help douse the fire. Little extra space or weight and if you need a salad bowl to prepare your favourite carrot/raisin salad - line the wash basin with foil and voila! 

Al Robinson


Hitch hiking on the idea submitted by Al Robinson - here are a couple of refinements that I find handy. I take along a couple of small bottles of ammonia to add to the dish water. This cuts grease a lot faster than soap alone. DON'T use it on your cast iron cookware, though. Use nothing but hot water and a dish scrubbie on that - no soap ever.


As each dish is clean, I put it into a mesh bag, and rinse by pouring boiling water over them, turning the bag some to ensure adequate rinsing. Then, hang the bag up to let the dishes dry where rain or dew won't get to them. You can consider this either lazy or merely conservative - works either way.

Jack Voss