Installing a Bow Line

I have recently purchased a Royalex canoe. It seems all of the most of the manufacturers do not provide an adequate place to tie off a bow/stern line. I have come up with a cheap and tough solution.

I drilled an 13/16" (3/4" is better) hole in the stems, up high, this hole allowed me to thread in a 1/2" PVC male threaded adapter. (check all your sizes before drilling any holes.!) I then trimmed the threads to size, then put epoxy on threads and on the sides of the hole. Then I threaded the adapter into the hole.





Now this gives you a nice size hole, that is flush to the sides of the canoe and I fished
1/2" line through the hole, tied a knot on the inside. This knot then jams into the adapter giving you a secure place to tie on a bow/stern line. I have seen where people just drill a hole, but I was concerned with de-lamination. The threaded adapter with the epoxy will keep that from being an issue. I recommend cutting the threads close to size, then use a Dremel type tool to grind it flush after epoxy sets.



Total cost $5.00 US. I would not use this to drag a loaded canoe across the shallows but for everything else it should be fine.

Tom Schenck