Preserving Cheese

We like to bring cheese with us (quite frankly I can't live without it!) on our trips. My husband taught me a trick that I will never forget. In order to stop the cheese from sweating and getting that "white stuff" all over it; we do this:

Cut cheese into meal size blocks.  Wet J-cloths with vinegar (enough to saturate the cloth but not soaking wet).

Wrap cheese blocks individually with the J-clothes wet with the white vinegar.

Dip into melted paraffin wax to seal. Coat the cheese block with the wax enough to have a thick layer when it hardens. Do do have the wax too hot as it will be harder to get a good coat of the paraffin on the

When you are out tripping, you just have to open up one of the packages of cheese for your meal. It is like having a fresh block of cheese right out of the package every time! And I swear you cannot taste the vinegar!

Fiona J. A. Westner