Sheaths for Kitchen Knives

Here's a tip for making inexpensive plastic sheaths for any shape small kitchen knife. They last and won't slip off at the wrong time!

Go to any office/stationery supply store and buy a couple of those coloured plastic spines you slide down the back of clear plastic report covers (perhaps 20 cents each). They come in different widths -- make sure it's more than half the width of your knife blade at the widest point, and twice the blade length. Get two spines if necessary.

Cut a length of spine that's about 3/8-1/2 inch longer than the blade.  Cut a second piece the same length. You'll also need some duct tape.  Slip the first piece over the sharp side of the blade. Slip the second piece over the back of the blade and wiggle it around until the edges of the two plastic pieces OVERLAP. Note -- the plastic edges must overlap -- if not, you need a wider spine.

Squeeze the two pieces to form a sheath that's narrow at the bottom and wider at the top to fit the blade. It will be a very tight squeeze! Hold on and have a second person wrap pieces of duct tape around the plastic sheath -- top, middle and bottom. And voila!

The natural clamping shape of the plastic will hold the sheath on very tightly and last for many years!

Leslie Dutton