Transporting Eggs

Transport of eggs: if you can still locate the Styrofoam egg cartons, tape the carton c/w eggs under a thwart. Eggs will survive rapids, rollovers and portages. 

We've only had perhaps 2 eggs cracked in over 15 years of using this method.

Al Robinson

If you don't care about getting them broken, then you can fill a Nalgene with a screw on lid with your de-shelled eggs.

They make great scrambled eggs and are already beaten if you need them to be added to anything for cooking purposes. 

I find that 2-3 tbsp. of the egg mixture = approximately 1 egg.

Remember to take them out of their shell for this method!

Happy Paddling!

Take a plastic container that has a wide mouth opening and a screw on lid.  (powder gator aid container, or wide mouth thermos work best).  

We crack open each egg and carefully drop them into the container.  Each container holds about 1 doz. eggs.  When you want to use them.  Carefully drop one out at a time to fry, or just pour them out to scramble.  Works for us every time.

Julie and Gary Watson