Apple Crumble


Bisquick or Pie Pastry to cover bottom of frying pan

1 cup cut up dehydrated apples (or peaches, appricots, etc.)

2 tbls sugar

2 packages of instant oatmeal (flavored)

Oil - enough to moisten the oatmeal

Cooking Equipment: 

8\" Frying Pan small pot

Cooking Time: 
60 min

1) Simmer dried fruit in enough water to cover them, along with the sugar. Cook on low heat, stirring occasionally, until softened. 2) Use an instant oatmeal that compliments the fruit. Cinnamon flavor goes well with apples. Mix just enough oil into oatmeal to moisten it. Cook in frying pan, on low heat, turning constantly, until browned and toasted. Add some sugar if you are using plain oatmeal. 3) Make pastry dough. Bisquick yields a thicker crust. Mix it to a consistency that allows you to roll it out or press it into a thin layer at the bottom of the frying pan. You want to get it as thin as possible. I find that the Bisquick version needs to be flipped and cooked on both sides. Pie crust can not. 4) Once each of the three components are ready, you can warm them all up, then assemble the fruit on top of the pastry, then the oatmeal on top of the fruit.

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