Black Bean and Salsa Tortillas


1 package of large tortilla

1 pkg of PC Too good to be true low fat instant Black Bean Dip

1 jar of Salsa OR preferrabley PC White Corn and Black Bean Salsa

250 g cheese stick (optional) pepperettes or summer sausage (optional)

3 cups water (approx)

Cooking Equipment: 

none - rehydrate everything in baggies, although if in camp, can use a pot.

Cooking Time: 

Before leaving home, dehydrate the Salsa to make a leather. Break up and place in a large zip lock bag. Transfer Black Bean dip to a zip lock bag (cut out the instruction and put in the bag-remember to remove before adding water!) At lunch time:] Add just enough hot water to barely cover salsa. Can use cold, but hydration takes longer. Squish around until rehydrated, adding more water as necessary. Rehydrate the bean dip as per instructions, in its zip lock bag, squishing it around. (can use cold water here too)-**we like ours thick, so we ignore instructions and add and rehydrate until we get the texture we want. To serve on the tortilla's, just cut a corner off of the bags, and squeeze out onto the tortills (1 strip of each per tortilla) Sprinkle on the sliced or grated cheese. Add the summer sausage, or it can be eaten sep.


Do not panic if you over hydrate, as the bean dip and the salsa make a delicious soup if you add more water and heat (we have eaten it cold too). Nice with the torilla's to dip in it.

Vegetarian Recipe: 
Dehydrated Meal: 
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