Bread Pocket Luch


At home bag:

4tsp baking powder

2 cups flour

1/2 tsp salt

2tbsp of powdered milk

Drop in a pill bottle filled with 4 tblsp of Margerine and a pill bottle of extra flour

Package seperately:

1/2 lb cheddar chees

1/2 lb (or less) of summer sausage, ham or polish sausage

Cooking Equipment: 

outback or other camp oven (can use fry pan if necessary)

Cooking Time: 

Remove margarine and extra flour from bag. Add margarine to flour mixture, seal bag and need until mix is flakey. Add in water, 1 tbsp at a time, until dough forms a ball of dough that stays together, but is not sticky. Max water will be 2/3 cup. Use the extra flour to flour your surface to press out the dough and 1/3" thickness. Grate the cheese up and sprinkle on the dough. Thinly slice the meet and sprinkle it on the dough. Fold the dough in half and pinch edges closed. Cook at 327 F (the B in Bake) for 20 min. Cool completely and bag. Slice at lunch time.


Can moisten the edges to help them stick together. Two other options: -roll the dough up like a jelly roll, and then pinch edges. Cook as a roll, OR flatten, OR slice 3/4" thick and then lay circles around pan and bake or fry -divide dough into 4 sections and make into panzerotti Cheese can be carried wrapped in vinegar soaked cheese cloth and bagged, or sliced and wrapped in string and then dipped in wax

Vegetarian Recipe: 
Dehydrated Meal: 
Preparation Difficulty: